Partnership of Historic Bostons
Partnership of Historic Bostons
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Tours for 2016 

       Dates                                    Topics
April 16                                  Founders Trail Tour  
May 14                                  Crime and Punishment
June 11                                 Survival: Boston 1630
July 9                                    Founders Trail Tour
August 13   
                          Crime and Punishment   
September 7                        Founders Trail Tour  
September 25                      Founders Trail Tour         
October 8                             Survival: Boston 1630    
November 12                       Crime and Punishment  
Charter Day 2016
This year marks the 386th anniversary of the naming of Boston, Dorchester, and Watertown. 

This year's theme is "Passionate Puritans: Marriage, Love, and Sex in 17th-Century Massachusetts."  We will be debunking the long-standing myths about the Puritans.  Click here for the schedule. 
Photograph courtesy of Jacob Sconyers 

First Church in Boston,
66 Marlborough Street, Boston MA 02116

Enter at the Parish House, 66 Marlborough Street, beyond the church entrance. 

If you would like to attend a daytime or evening board meeting, please call Rose Doherty at 781 540-1847.  We welcome newcomers and old friends.  Below is the last 2016 date. 

Tuesday, December 20, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

COMPLETED 2016 PRORAMS from January to December
January 31 in partnership with Historic Newton

Guest lecturer Lori Stokes is co-author of “The Pleasure of the Taste” recipe book from the Partnership of Historic Bostons. 

At the Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds, 286 Waverley Avenue, Newton

February 5 Crime and Punishment in Early Boston in Partnership with
February 5 Noon - 1 PM
NEHGS, 99-101 Newbury Street Boston, MA
Rose Doherty, President, Partnership of the Historic Bostons

March 26   "Five Myths About the Puritans"
History Camp Boston
People love to hate the Puritans. In the popular imagination, the Puritans were killjoys who banned dancing, singing, sex, alcohol, and smiling, and put people in the stocks for sneezing on Sunday. The truth, however, is very different—and much more interesting.

Lori Stokes and Will Holton will take on the five most damaging myths about the Puritans.
April 1 "Boston's Forgotten History"
Explorers Lifelong Learning Institute, Salem State University

April 7  "Food, Faith, and Fellowship in Colonial New England"
What did breaking bread mean to the Puritan settlers in New England?
Newport Historical Society
April 13  "Crime and Punishment in Early Boston" OLLI at Umass Boston

Crime and punishment were key aspects of maintaining community solidarity and security in early Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritan churches and the civil government defined appropriate behavior and took action when rules were broken. Punishment ranged from minor shaming to corporal punishments, imprisonment, and death. Examples of early colonial crimes and punishments bring the story to life.

Monday, May 9
11:40 AM to 1:00 PM
"Five Puritan Beliefs About Food"  OLLI at UMASS Boston

The Puritan founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony were radicals in religion, politics—and food. Their attitude toward food was complex and spiritual and went against centuries of European traditions concerning what food meant and how it should be consumed and displayed. Did the Puritans think enjoying good food was a sin? How did they connect eating and worshiping? What symbolic meaning did food have for them? Were they early western proponents of eating mindfully? Find out in this talk on Puritan beliefs about food.

in Partnership with Osher Lifelong Learning at UMass Boston. Open to Members of OLLI.
Saturday, November 5
Lord of Misrule: Thomas Morton's Battle with Puritan New England  
Reading Group  Massachusetts Historical Society 1-3 PM
December 3
A Plentiful Country: Letters from Maine's Thomas Gorges
Reading Group Massachusetts Historical Society 1 to 3 PM

December 7  1630 Shoppe at Fanueil Hall Marketplace 
Shop, enjoy snacks, and hear Lori Stokes's short talks about the Puritans at the 1630 Shoppe at Fanueil Market.  

6:30 PM     Baking, Cooking, and Mindful Eating in Puritan New England           
7:00 PM   Thankful, Desire, and Fear--How the Puritans Named their Children
7:30 PM   Puritan Women's Lives
8:00 PM   Holidays in Puritan New England