Partnership of Historic Bostons



Partnership of Historic Bostons

Donations allow the all–volunteer Partnership to continue its free programs.  You will become a Friend of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for a donation of $35 or more.

We meet at the MHS to talk about important Massachusetts Bay documents and the latest scholarship. 

We have read and discussed John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity," Winthrop's Journal, and the 1642 "Body of Liberties" and much more.

Librarian Peter Drummey has been kind enough to allow us to see some famous documents.  At right, he is showing us a volume of the Winthrop Journal.  Write or call if you are interested in joining us.


Your group can arrange for members of the Partnership to present illustrated lectures at libraries, civic organizations, and social groups on topics such as "Boston’s Forgotten History 1630–1730," "The Two Bostons," "Survival: Boston 1630," "Five Myths About the Puritans," and much more. 

We have spoken at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, St. Botolph Club, and Brookline Adult and Community Education among others.  Let us know whether you or your group is interested.

Charter Day 2017

Next year will be the 387th anniversary of the naming of Boston, Dorchester, and Watertown. 

Join us on Charter Day, September 7, and at programs in the fall.  This year's events will focus on disease and public health in early Boston.

To receive notices about upcoming events and more, send a note to

Click HERE to see earlier Charter Day themes and ask us about them.


Follow in the footsteps of early Bostonians by taking one of our fabulous free walking tours.  Each of our tours is original and carefully researched, and you won't find this information anywhere else.  

"Founders Trail," "Crime and Punishment in Early Boston," and "Survival: Boston 1630" tours are given in the new Boston from April to November.  Join our mailing list to receive information.

As always, our tours are free.  The Partnership is an all-volunteer organization, and we suggest a $10 donation to help defray expenses.  


Libraries, historical societies, and civic organizations have borrowed the 7-foot tall or the table-top Botolph's Town kiosk, which presents the ties between the two Bostons graphically.  Write or call for availability. 

Libraries enhance the display with selections from their own collections.  Illustrated presentations can supplement the kiosk.  The themes include the following:

Boston, What's in a Name                   Boston Men and Education in Massachusetts 
Search for Freedom                            The Church and Religious Matters
Two Bostons, A Grand Exchange

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